Once more around the sun 2008

A package of three unusual 24" x 25.5" calendars and four smaller ones. Click the image for a PDF preview, which you are welcome to print for personal use only.

But the full-sized, expertly offset ones we offer are likely to cost less and have cleaner type (scanned to film at 3200 dpi resolution!) than if you do it yourself; as well as helping support the i|e cause.

Each set of three calendars is printed on heavy stock (70 lb.) and we’re including two linear calendars, as well as two copies of a playful, impossible-to-read 8" square reduced version. (We decided to use the margins of the 25" x 38" sheet it’s printed on to full advantage this time!) A package of 7 calendars in all: fun for friends and family.

# of sets 1 2 3 4
U.S. 18.00+5.00
Canada & Alaska 18.00+7.00
Europe 18.00+8.50
Elsewhere 18.00+9.50

Order 10 to 24 calendars and receive a 15% discount.
Order 25 to 99 calendars and receive a 20% discount.
Order 100 to 249 calendars and receive a 25% discount.
Order 250 or more calendars and receive a 30% discount.

For wholesale inquiries, please contact admin [at] informationesthetics [dot] org

Nature, Seed map of science reprint

This reprint is sold out. Thank you for all the support!

The journal Nature started its 2006 Gallery with collaborative work by Kevin Boyack, Dick Klavans and i|e founder W. Bradford Paley. It was a two-page spread in SEED magazine, and is explored in some depth in the June issue of Discover and August’s GEO; it was also a lead “story” for weeks at, as well as figuring prominently on Slashdot and Reddit, and dozens of other blogs/news sites.

Response to this image was so positive that we have decided to give it away—free—to whomever is willing to pay shipping & handling.

And thank you for the great response to this offer, too! We’re well into printing the second edition. It may three or five weeks to get to you, but there are some changes we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

Change the price before you “add to cart”
to reflect your location & quantity (we determine quantity by looking at price—don’t worry when the shopping cart only says 1 item). If you want 2 in Oz, you’re all set...     ;  )

One print For more, please cover reprinting costs
Just shipping & handling 2:  +$2.50 3:  +$5.00 4:  +$7.50
US $10.00 $12.50 $15.00 $17.50
North America 14.00 16.50 19.00 21.50
Europe 16.00 18.50 21.00 23.50
Elsewhere 17.00 19.50 22.00 24.50


If your research domain published in 2003 it’s likely to be represented here. Find it by scrutinizing the text for the phrases characteristic of your research; not as hard as it seems since the organic, data-driven structure of the network truly reflects the relationships you might expect.

Alice in Wonderland TextArc

A TextArc poster of Lewis Carrol’s classic story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Price: $33.00

Arbitrary donation

Many have asked how they can support information Esthetics with an arbitrary donation. We consider $10 a generous thank-you and $50 almost overly-enthusiastic but gratefully accepted. Thanks in advance!

If you or your company might consider sponsoring the next lecture series, a mere $5,000 or $10,000 will see it happen much sooner—and will be seen by the community as the remarkable gift it would be. But don't type that in here! Contact the i|e director to work out how we can tell the world about the values you support.

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