Once More Around the Sun

Post your reactions to this calendar (and now, images of whatever markings you add to your own copy). We all would love to see what a third of your yeart looks like so far!

(You may still purchase copies to benefit i|e in the products section of this Web site. Thanks!)

Many times more please

I'd be interested in ordering a few years worth of OMAS calendars.

Another vote for OMAS 2008

Without a doubt this is my favorite calendar of all time.

I would definitely be interested in a 2008 (and beyond) OMAS calendar. Maybe a subscription model (pay for the next 5 or 10 years, for example) would work?

I mounted my 2007 calendar on foamcore board and hung it in my kitchen. It's not only useful, but it's also a beautiful expression of the cycle of the year.

+5 for OMAS 2008

I would like pre-order at least five copies, maybe as many as 10 or 12. Calendars make great holiday gifts, and I want one for home...

I second the motion; I'm ready for OMATS-08..

2008 is rushing at us like a freight train. Not too soon to plan for '08 at all.

Plus I'm going to use them for Yule gifts...


So when is 2008 going to go on sale? I am a lawyer and this calendar is excellent for calculating and double checking court deadlines. I have it mounted on a corkboard in my office and it has definitely gotten some strange looks, but also some compliments.

Keep up the good work.


I have it posted on a blank

I have it posted on a blank wall in my office, and mark it up with pencil. I draw an arc for elapsed time between the day-of-week and day-of-year rings, and put radial lines at the month boundaries. Repeating appointments are shown on the hours where they occur; significant days are callouts outside the outer perimeter.

I'll venture out to my car at lunchtime and get my camera and see if I can manage a decent image; I don't think the camera in my Treo will do it justice. :-)

Get a picture yet?


We have finally turned on the ability to upload images in posts—can I get you to show us what yours looks like? It sounds very interesting.

Nice description

Can’t wait to see it. Another possibility is to scan just a part of it. (I know what the whole looks like... ;)

Using my copies of OMAS at work and home...

...and I'm addicted--quite an accomplishment for a throughly digitized girl such as myself.

Please tell me there will be one for 2008 and subsequent years?

Yes, 2008 & beyond is likely


It’s great to hear that paper still has some pull—I did try to play to its strengths: it’ll be a while before we can get this much information density on an active display.

I think I will definitely be doing them for 2008 & later years. We will probably even reprint this year’s: only 14 (jokers?) out of 300 or more voting in the poll said not to reprint: the rest are pretty evenly split between pledgers an option-wanters; enough to cover reprint costs.

I’m even thinking of doing a decade on one page in 2010 (by losing the hours and making the dates into a shallow spiral, ala TextArc, though it’s a little daunting to think that I might only see another four pages of life... ;)

Please tell us how you use it: is it posted by your desk or dresser? Are you marking all meetings, or just important events? Have you developed clever visual tricks to distinguish different categories of information? Might you be willing to upload a photo or scanned detail so we can see how it looks? (I’ll ask Casper how to enable image upload in forum comments right now.)

Orbiting Orientation

I wonder if Jan 1 could be at a corner instead?
Or would it be better if the corners were solstice/equinox.

Here is how my OMAS moves.

I mount my OMAS calendar at the Corner nearest Feb 18 being top - it remains stationary all year.
The "2007" is 9:00 and May 20 is at 3:00 presently (in winter-spring). As the year progresses the May 19 corner rises and the "2007"/Nov 17 corner falls (counterclockwise in a sense). This keeps the current month roughly horizontal (near 3:00).
In June/July, the Feb/anchor and May 20 corners will be level
In September, the May 20 corner arrives at the 12:00 (Feb/anchor has virtually fallen to 9:00 - but has not actually moved)
In October, the May and August corners are level.
The year ends with Sept at the 12:00.

I think this makes the blank orb at the center of the OMAS mimic the path of the Earth. The February 18 corner, which is stationary through the year, represents the sun.

I would guess that in my seasonal/solstice scheme, the Anchor corner would correspond to March 20/21 (spring equinox), the rest should nearly fall in to place (20/21 of June, Sept, Dec in respective corners). It would be slightly skewed for a calendar scheme (Jan 1 anchor).

Relative rotation


You must have a big empty wall to use to devote som much space to it. Neat.

I actually imagined that the empty orb in the center was the sun (hence the red “rays”), but your approach shows that each body is orbiting the other, depending in one’s reference point—a kinda Einstein-ian relativity trick. Thanks for describing it!

Oh yeah

Forgot to mention in the previous comment that I would buy a reversed calendar. I doubt if one sale would justify the work, but at least you know the potential customer exists.

Matt Wedel

I'm backwards

This is a very striking image. Nice work!

I have always pictured the year as a great circle, with the winter solstice at noon. Only my internal calendar runs counterclockwise, with the spring equinox at 9:00. I don't suppose there is a simple transform you could do to make a reversed calendar for temporal southpaws like me?

Matt Wedel


Hmmm, that introduces a question - why "clockwise"?

I assume from the posts, that the interest was in an OATS calendar that is printed "counterclockwise", i.e. jan 1 is at top/12:00 and the year progresses to 9, 6, 3, back to 12:01?

Let me top that

How about celestial references? Need not be more than say Polaris, Southern Cross, Altaris, etc. maybe. (or even dress up with moon phases?) I think that the astro bodies provide reference as two clockwise or counter. I dont think that clockwise/counterclockwise are real references. Its like saying North us up and South is down (which is only relative; maps as such only because 1st by Europeans and/or "just the way they did it"). What I mean is that the current OATS would be looking at south pole, if I understand the real motion of earth going around the sun (i.e. each day represents a celestial position of Earth relative to Sun). Your proposal would be looking down at the north pole.

Clockwise for culture & readability

I chose to do this one clockwise because I wanted to tap into the (Western, non-mathemetician anyway) propensity to read circular data & text in that direction.

But it’s interesting that it conflicts with the north/up convention when you look at a model (here’s a neat one) of what’s actually going on. Good catch.

If you have a big window

If you have a big window nearby and can read numbers backwards here’s the simple transform: tape it to the glass pointing outwards & let the sun shine through!