Information Esthetics; W.B. Paley, founder

W. Bradford Paley is the director of Information Esthetics.

Immeasurable and essential support has come from:
    Veronica Dougherty
    Casper Planken
    Nina Colosi
    Peter Kennard
    Steve Rutt
    Daniel de Segovia Gross
    Warren Kemp
    Michael Rosenthal

Visualization of other types of information

The map of science is great and looks like it took a lot of work to create. I lead a non profit in Chicago that's trying to use GIS and other information visualization to draw resources to non-school tutor/mentor programs operating in high poverty neighborhoods. Via the Internet I'm sharing information about what we do, and about information visualization as part of innovation, creativity and problem solving.

Can you tell me more about Information Esthetics and how it works? Where are you located? You can see how I'm using maps in the Program Locator and Tutor/Mentor Institute sections at

I'm hoping to find volunteers and partners who have the talent that you're demonstrating and who will apply it in a social benefit organization strategy.

Daniel F. Bassill
President, CEO
Tutor/Mentor Connection
Cabrini Connections
800 W. Huron
Chicago, Il. 60622

Worthy cause; artist->cause clearing house?

Looks like a worthy organization, Dan.

Information Esthetics is a tiny group, so far only focused on developing lecture series and distributing these prints to fund the next one.

I, myself do pro-bono work not only for the design community (this site & i|e works), but bioinformatics and now the United Nations; but my plate is full for now.

Perhaps we should try to help as a clearing house where people with causes and needs like yours get connected with people who want to exercise their talents in a positive way. Let’s use this thread as a test: if anyone has time & ideas for Dan, post here; and I’ll consider making it better supported if we see some interest.