Once more around the sun 2008

A package of three unusual 24" x 25.5" calendars and four smaller ones. Click the image for a PDF preview, which you are welcome to print for personal use only.

But the full-sized, expertly offset ones we offer are likely to cost less and have cleaner type (scanned to film at 3200 dpi resolution!) than if you do it yourself; as well as helping support the i|e cause.

Each set of three calendars is printed on heavy stock (70 lb.) and we’re including two linear calendars, as well as two copies of a playful, impossible-to-read 8" square reduced version. (We decided to use the margins of the 25" x 38" sheet it’s printed on to full advantage this time!) A package of 7 calendars in all: fun for friends and family.

Once more around the sun was designed to allow easy travel conflict spotting (since you can circle contiguous days with no weekend breaks), and to let people mark with one or two words the more important events during the year. It is printed on newsprint-like (though high-quality) stock, folded, and distributed in packages of three to help people feel comfortable using it as a scratch pad on which to plot their lives; inventing their own visual language as they go. (There is a topic on this Web site to which people can upload their visual inventions.)

The visual/cultural resonances with ancient native American calendars, mandalas, antique engravings of the solar system; the red weekends at the bright center and the wavy outer corona all have been turned to directly support the calendar’s use as a tool. It contextualizes every hour, even on a year’s time scale: if someone marks the calendar, then looks back in as little as an hour, they will be able to see time’s inexorable march.

The calendar was designed by W. Bradford Paley, i.e. director. Mr. Paley’s work has received recognition in ID magazine and the New York Times, numerous art and design awards including grants from the New York Foundation for the Arts and New York State Council on the Arts, and grand prize in the prestigious Japan Media Arts Festival. His work has been exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art. He was recently nominated for the Rome Prize of the American Academy in Rome, and has just finished redesigning interfaces for the trading systems on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. His work will be in the upcoming MoMA exhibition Design and the Elastic Mind late this February.

# of sets 1 2 3 4
U.S. 18.00+5.00
Canada & Alaska 18.00+7.00
Europe 18.00+8.50
Elsewhere 18.00+9.50

Order 10 to 24 calendars and receive a 15% discount.
Order 25 to 99 calendars and receive a 20% discount.
Order 100 to 249 calendars and receive a 25% discount.
Order 250 or more calendars and receive a 30% discount.

For wholesale inquiries, please contact admin [at] informationesthetics [dot] org

Need more 2008!

I am pledging to buy one of the 2008 sets! When will more be ready? Thanks,

Galen Andrew

Please tell me the "sold

Please tell me the "sold out" sign just means that you're gearing up for production. I would love to buy three sets.

Not sold out!

We are gearing up to support selling the new calendars via the site. We had to update some things about to site to be able to do this - the 'sold out' notice you currently see can be ignored.

We think you will be able to order the new calendars in a couple of days. Thank you for your patience!

Thank you!

Thank you for clearing this up! I was worried there for a minute. I am really looking forward to this.