low quality camphone image of my OMAS

low quality camphone image of my OMAS

Looks similar to my own (a happy mess!)

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I like how you’re striking out the days along the perimeter, and am glad you’re using that extra white space outside the arc.

Brad's 2007Brad's 2007

But is it useful?

I love how the calendar looks but I can't tell if it is more useful than a normal calendar... especially now that I do almost all of my planning on electronic calendars.

By the way, there is a lot of spam comments on there that need to be cleaned up.

OMAS calendar as of Nov.

I found that the OMAS format made it easier to toggle between long and short-term "views," enabling me to see meetings, trips and deadlines in relationship to each other.

Colored pins mark meetings and deadlines, and the color coding makes it easy to "read" when I glance up from my computer. Some pins also have "flags" noting a detail about the meeting.

I found I used the calendar at home in a very different manner.

k staelin