Prints have been moved to the products page

We wholeheartedly thank everyone who has taken an interest in the prints made by i|e founder Brad Paley, but have moved them to the Products page. Information Esthetics is meant to be more than just a place to get neat prints, and we want to clear the area for other features: coming soon...

Please Note: the usability-challenged design of Drupal's products page does not make it obvious that you need to click on the product title before you can add it to your shopping cart. Or just click on one of the thumbnails above. I'm looking for a workaround.

Ordering outside US

No more Viagra ads here, just a question - is the OMAS calendar available for ordering to Europe?


OMAS is available in Europe...

...I just decided not to charge extra shipping.

Sorry about the unfortunate and intrusive robot ads: I have to delete them by hand for now. I’m trying to fuigure out a way to prevent robots from getting user IDs—maybe that “re-type this distorted text” trick.